Arizona State University Online


⦁ 100% Online
⦁ Nationally most innovative university.
⦁ Some competency-based learning
⦁ Credit for military training
⦁ Same courses online and on-campus
⦁ Six start dates each year
⦁ More than 150 online degree programs
⦁ Most programs fully online
⦁ Committed to elevating the student experience by pushing the boundaries of higher education.
⦁ 90% of ASU graduates are employed within 6 months of graduation
⦁ At Arizona State University, Students gain the knowledge needed to make a difference in their community a
⦁ ASU Online is dedicated to providing innovative, high-quality online education to Sun Devils from across the country and around the world.

Arizona State University Online Curriculum

University’s custom-designed degree programs and courses are delivered online by the same award-winning faculty who teach on campus. Courses are designed using state-of-the-art technology and tools, providing you with a direct connection to the knowledge and expertise of our faculty.

 Arizona State University Online Degrees offered

Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs

⦁ BA in Anthropology
⦁ BA in Art History
⦁ BA in Business: Administration
⦁ BA in Business: Communication
⦁ BA in Business: Corporate Accounting
⦁ BA in Business: Global Leadership
⦁ BA in Business: Global Logistics Management
⦁ BA in Business: Retail Management
⦁ BA in Business: Sustainability
⦁ BA in Business: Tourism
⦁ BA in Community Advocacy and Social Policy
⦁ BA in English
⦁ BA in Film and Media Studies
⦁ BA in Geography
⦁ BA in Global Health
⦁ BA in Global Studies
⦁ BA in History
⦁ BA in Interdisciplinary Studies
⦁ BA in Interdisciplinary Studies: Organizational Studies
⦁ BA in Mass Communications and Media Studies
⦁ BA in Organizational Leadership
⦁ BA in Philosophy
⦁ BA in Philosophy (Morality, Politics and Law)
⦁ BA in Political Science
⦁ BA in Psychology
⦁ BA in Psychology: Forensic Psychology
⦁ BA in Religious Studies (Religion, Culture, and Public Life)
⦁ BA in Spanish
⦁ BA in Sustainability
⦁ BA in Women and Gender Studies
⦁ BAE in Educational Studies
⦁ BAS in Applied Leadership
⦁ BAS in Health Entrepreneurship and Innovation
⦁ BAS in Health Science
⦁ BAS in Internet and Web Development
⦁ BAS in Operations Management
⦁ BFA in Art Digital Photography
⦁ BIPH in International Public Health
⦁ BLS in Liberal Studies
⦁ BS in Biochemistry
⦁ BS in Biological Sciences
⦁ BS in Business: Food Industry Management
⦁ BS in Business Data Analytics
⦁ BS in Communication
⦁ BS in Community Health
⦁ BS in Computer Information Systems
⦁ BS in Criminal Justice
⦁ BS in Digital Audiences
⦁ BS in Economics: Business
⦁ BS in Economics: Liberal Arts
⦁ BS in Electrical Engineering (Electric Power and Energy Systems)
⦁ BS in Engineering Management
⦁ BS in Family and Human Development
⦁ BS in Geographic Information Science
⦁ BS in Geography
⦁ BS in Graphic Information Technology
⦁ BS in Health Care Coordination
⦁ BS in Health Education and Health Promotion
⦁ BS in Health Innovation
⦁ BS in Health Sciences (Healthy Lifestyles Coaching)
⦁ BS in Information Technology
⦁ BS in Integrative Health
⦁ BS in Justice Studies
⦁ BS in Management
⦁ BS in Marketing
⦁ BS in Nursing RN to BSN
⦁ BS in Nutrition
⦁ BS in Political Science
⦁ BS in Psychology
⦁ BS in Psychology: Forensic Psychology
⦁ BS in Public Service and Public Policy
⦁ BS in Public Service and Public Policy: Emergency Management Homeland Security
⦁ BS in Sociology
⦁ BS in Software Engineering
⦁ BS in Speech and Hearing Science
⦁ BS in Sustainability
⦁ BS in Technical Communication
⦁ BS in Technical Communication: User Experience
⦁ BS in Technological Entrepreneurship and Management
⦁ BS in Tourism and Recreation Management
⦁ BSP in Urban Planning

Arizona State University Online Master’s Degree Programs

⦁ MEd in Curriculum and Instruction: Autism Spectrum Disorders
⦁ MEd in Curriculum and Instruction: Early Childhood Education
⦁ MEd in Curriculum and Instruction: Gifted Education
⦁ MEd in Educational Technology
⦁ MEd in Educational Leadership: Principalship
⦁ MA in Biosecurity and Threat Management: EMHS
⦁ MA in Communication
⦁ MA in Community Resilience: EMHS
⦁ MA in Criminal Justice
⦁ MA in Emergency Management: EMHS
⦁ MA in Emergency Management and Homeland Security
⦁ MA in English
⦁ MA in English as a Second Language (ESL)
⦁ MA in Global Security
⦁ MA in History
⦁ MA in Homeland Security: EMHS
⦁ MA in Indigenous Education
⦁ MA in Sociology
⦁ MA in Special Education: Applied Behavior Analysis
⦁ MAS in Health Informatics
⦁ M in Liberal Studies
⦁ M of Applied Leadership and Management (MALM)
⦁ MEng in Engineering Management
⦁ MEng in Quality, Reliability and Statistical Engineering
⦁ MEng in Systems Engineering
⦁ M of Healthcare Innovation
⦁ M of International Health Management
⦁ M of Nonprofit Leadership and Management
⦁ M of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (MTESOL)
⦁ MBA/MSE in Electrical Engineering
⦁ MBA/MSE in Industrial Engineering
⦁ MLS in Corporate and Health Care Compliance
⦁ MLS in Criminal Law
⦁ MLS in HR & Employment Law
⦁ MLS in Intellectual Property Law
⦁ MLS in Sports Law & Business
⦁ MLS in Sustainability Law
⦁ MS in Biomedical Diagnostics
⦁ MS in Biomimicry
⦁ MS in Business Analytics
⦁ MS in Business Journalism
⦁ MS in Clinical Research Management
⦁ MS in Clinical Research Management (Regulatory Science)
⦁ MS in Construction Management
⦁ MS in Digital Audiences Strategy
⦁ MS in Engineering – Electrical Engineering
⦁ MS in Family and Human Development
⦁ MS in Global Technology & Development (Applied International Development)
⦁ MS in Global Technology and Development
⦁ MS in Health Care Delivery
⦁ MS in Industrial Engineering
⦁ MS in Information Management
⦁ MS in Information Technology
⦁ MS in Materials Science and Engineering
⦁ MS in Medical Nutrition
⦁ MS in Nutrition (Dietetics)
⦁ MS in Psychology
⦁ MS in Psychology: Forensic Psychology
⦁ MS in Technical Communication
⦁ MSE in Engineering Science (Software Engineering)
⦁ MSE in Sustainable Engineering
⦁ MSL (Sustainability Leadership)
⦁ MST in Sustainable Tourism
⦁ MSTech in Graphic Information Technology
⦁ M in Public Safety Leadership and Administration

Arizona State University Online Doctorate Degree Programs

⦁ DBH in Behavioral Health: Clinical
⦁ DBH in Behavioral Health: Management

Arizona State University Technical Requirements for Online Classes

⦁ Desktop or laptop. Mobile devices will not provide full access to ASU’s online courses.
⦁ Courses are best viewed with high-speed internet and a reliable internet connection.
⦁ Course assignments do not require special software. Certain degrees may require specific software programs.
⦁ Students should have at least two browsers on their computers. Preferred browsers:  Firefox and  Chrome.

Arizona State University Accreditation

⦁ Arizona State University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.
Many of its programs also hold accreditations, including those from the Council of Social Work Accreditation, the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET and the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International, among others.

Arizona State University Online Reviews

⦁ Makes it easy for ASU Online students to participate. In some ways, they may even have an advantage, since their regular use of online resources and virtual instruction is well suited for the Venture Devils approach to communication and engagement.”
⦁ ASU Online provided the flexibility needed to pursue both a venture and higher education. In [Venture Devils] surrounded by like-minded students who were all interested in entrepreneurship.”
⦁ “For a student who wants to start a business, directly applying concepts learned in class to figure out whether he/she has a viable product. Access to the mentors and staff at Venture Devils alone is invaluable.”

Arizona State University Statistics

⦁ Student population: 51,000+
⦁ Student-to-faculty ratio: 26 to 1
⦁ Percentage receiving grant or scholarship aid: 62%

Arizona State University Tuition

⦁ Undergraduate tuition — $520 to $728
– Graduate tuition — $522 to $1,397

Arizona State University Financial Aid and Scholarships

⦁ The FAFSA opens every Oct. 1. Be sure to apply early in order to ensure prompt processing. Besides student loans, the FAFSA can also qualify you for scholarships and grants.

Arizona State University U.S. World News Report and Ranking

⦁ Arizona State University ranks among the best graduate schools in the country, according to U.S. News & World Report
⦁ Ranked No. 6 in Best Online Bachelor Degree
⦁ No. 3 in Best Online Master’s in Business Programs
⦁ No. 6 in Best Online Master’s in Criminal Justice Programs
⦁ No. 5 in Best Online Master’s in Criminal Justice Programs for Veterans
⦁ No. 6 in Best Online Bachelor’s Programs
⦁ No. 4 in Best Online Bachelor’s Programs for veterans
⦁ No. 10 in Best Online MBA Programs
⦁ No. 6 in Best Online MBA Programs for Veterans
⦁ No. 3 in Best Online Finance MBA Programs
⦁ No. 1 in Best Online General Management MBA Programs
⦁ No. 2 in Best Online Business Analytics MBA Programs
⦁ No. 1 Best Online MBA Programs in Marketing
⦁ No. 13 in Best Online Master’s in Engineering Programs
⦁ No. 11 in Best Online Master’s in Engineering Programs
⦁ No. 1 in Best Online Master’s in Electrical Engineering Programs
⦁ No. 15 in Best Online Master’s in Education Programs
⦁ No. 4 in Best Online Master’s in Education Programs for Veterans
⦁ No. 1 in Best Online Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction Programs
⦁ No. 1 in Best Online Master’s in Instructional Media Programs
⦁ No. 2 in Best Online Master’s in Educational Administration Programs
⦁ No. 3 in Best Online Master’s in Special Education Programs

⦁ The Best Online Teaching Degrees 2020
⦁ Overall Score 93/100

Arizona State University Top Universities Ranking

⦁ Ranked No. 20 in QS Global World Ranking
⦁ Arizona State University is one of the top Public universities in Phoenix, United States. 
⦁ Ranked No. 22 in QS WUR by Subject Ranking
⦁ Ranked No. 91 by US Universities
⦁ Ranked No. 101- 110 by Graduate Employability

Arizona State University Rankings by

⦁ Ranked No. 1 “Most Innovative School” in the United States by U.S. News & World Report for six years in succession,
⦁ 184th in World University Rankings 2021
⦁ 5th in Impact rankings 2020
⦁ 196th US College Rankings 2021

Arizona State University Rankings by

⦁ Best Colleges for Design in America
⦁ Best Colleges for Architecture in America
⦁ Best Colleges for Education in America
⦁ Best Colleges for Anthropology and Sociology in America
⦁ Best Colleges for Student Athletes in America

Arizona State University

⦁ Acceptance rate – 86%
⦁ Financial Aid Rating – 85%
⦁ Tuition – $10,710 instate
⦁ ACT Scores – 22-28

Arizona State University

⦁ Ranked No. 186 in Top Colleges
⦁ 55 in Public Colleges
⦁ 99 in Research Universities
⦁ 38 in the West.

Arizona State University Rankings by

⦁ 244 Ranking badges
⦁ Value for your money
⦁ High overall diversity

Arizona State University Admission Requirements

⦁ Minimum of a U.S. bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution or a U.S. bachelor’s degree from an officially recognized international institution.
⦁ Must have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA in the last 60 semester hours (90 quarter hours) of undergraduate studies.

Arizona State University Acceptance Rate

⦁ 84%

Arizona State University Graduation Rate

⦁ 63%