University of the People MBA


  • 100% Online
  • University of the People, “the world’s first non-profit, tuition-free, accredited, online academic institution.
  • University of People’s model is surprisingly straightforward, with limited operating costs.
  • The University of People Master of Business Administration offers a hands-on approach to both business and community leadership, as part of a cutting-edge and stimulating educational experience.
  • The University of People MBA instills the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to pursue personal and professional goals, as well as excel in today’s diverse organizations. Its graduates are positioned to thrive in business, industry, government and nonprofit management.
  • One Academic Year.


  • Education is based on “peer-based and collaborative learning. “Students share resources, exchange ideas, discuss weekly topics, submit assignments, and take exams…within online study communities.” Exams are administered online.
  • Courses are nine weeks in length, and students may take as many as three courses each term.
  • The MBA can be completed in as little as six terms, or fifteen months of full-time study. Students also have the flexibility to enroll for part-time study and take one course per term.
  • Individual courses are the building blocks of each degree program.
  • Course requirements are structured to ensure that student study encompasses a broad range of topics and approaches, with an appropriate balance maintained among the three curricular components that comprise a liberal arts education:

Program Goals

  • Provides an understanding of the key sociological, psychological and organizational concepts and theories necessary for effective leadership and management
  • Covers the knowledge and skills needed to plan, structure, manage, and monitor organizations
  • Introduces methods for improving productivity, responsiveness, quality and customer/client satisfaction
  • Provides in-depth knowledge of operational areas and their functions, processes and interrelationships
  • Develops cross-cultural awareness and an understanding of the globalists of today’s economy
  • Fosters an ability to act creatively and be a driver for change
  • Instills an appreciation for the importance of legal and ethical behavior on the part of the organization and its members
  • Nurtures student potential and promotes increased self-awareness and growth
  • Supports the development of networks among peers from around the globe

Students Learn how to


  • University of People also has a variety of scholarship funds set aside for students who demonstrate financial need.

Program Requirements

  • Complete a minimum of 36 approved credits.
  • Complete the eight core courses with a grade of C (2.00) or better in each course.
  • Complete a minimum of three approved graduate elective courses with a grade of C (2.00) or better in each course.
  • Earn a grade of B (3.00) or better in the capstone project/course.
  • Earn an overall CGPA of 2.50 or higher for all graduate level coursework completed.
  • Complete all requirements for the MBA in no more than 25 terms of active enrollment including any periods of separation from the University.


  • A Master’s Degree in Business Administration is one of the most versatile and valuable degrees available today, which has made it the most popular and desired degree-track for American students.
  • It’s not hard to understand why. This practical and comprehensive program trains students in many aspects of business administration including management, accounting, finance & economics, international business, business law, and marketing.

Admission Requirements

  • Be able to demonstrate undergraduate degree completion
  • Have English proficiency
  • A minimum of two years’ work experience
  • One reference (from an employer/lecturer etc.)

Technology Requirements

  • To complete a degree program at University of the People, students will need to have consistent access to a computer with a reliable internet connection.
  • If students are working on a computer that is not their personal computer and are unable to save documents, it’s important also to obtain an external drive. Because there are no mandatory video materials for University of the People courses, this drive can be a simple USB drive.

Tuition Fees

  • For each undergraduate course, there is an assessment fee of $120, to be paid by the end of each course.

Transfer Credit

  • It costs only $17 for each accepted course. To learn more about the transfer credit process, visit our transfer credit page.

University Reviews

  • Online experience with University of People was excellent. All the courses I took I did them on my own time. Especially if you have kids and work full time this is the place.
  • University of People’s campus is 100% online, and no doubt, this is a revolution in education.